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Product name : AUTO12V/24V/36V/48V Solar Charge Controller with LCD
Item : LG Series
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Product introduction:

This controller is designed for DC power supply system, small and medium-sized pv modules power system, using a dedicated computer chip to realize the intelligent control, all chips adopt industrial level, can be used in harsh environment.

system offers specific indication for the charge, load , sorts of failure and various protections such as short circuit, over-load, over charge, particular anti-reversed polarity protection and so on, the controller used computer chip to sample the parameter of the battery voltage, photovoltaic cell voltage, discharge current and environment temperature.

According to the battery’s character, realized the accurate 
control to discharge rate, correction of the temperature compensation through special control model calculation.charging with the intelligent PWM dim way and charging compensation in accordance with the current temperature of the battery, compensation factor is 3mv/℃/unit.LCM could show all of the parameters and modes. 

Offer as many as five LED adjust way with lattice pattern to guarantee the battery works in the best status which could lengthen the service life of the battery. The controller has many work modes to satisfy different customer’s request. Dial switch need to adjust if adopting different voltage system.


1. The controller carried with LCM module which can display system status and parameters

2. Begin to ascending charging automatically when the voltage of battery below the ascending charging recover voltage

3. Temperature compensation become more accurate due to Double temperature sensors design,inner temperature sensor test the inner temperature of the controller, outer temperature sensor test the outer temperature of the controller.

4. The controller could figure out everyday’s power of charge and dischargewhich make user assess the controller and entire system more easily

5. With the charging current overload protection function, the controller will reduce the charge current to protect the charging circuit after it surpass the rated current.

6. A equalizing charge every 30 days in order to prevent battery vulcanization

7. Industrial-grade chips and precision components makes the controller can operate in any harsh environment

8. Design of double MOS series control circuit and PWM dim control make the charging efficiency increased greatly

9. The setting parameter possess the saving function which makes the parameter won’t be erased after losing the electricity and system become more reliable.

10. Three kinds of load work mode: purely light-operated, light-operated+time PV Instruction, Load instruction, Temperature compensation controlled, long-term on mode.

Technical Parameter:

Model No. SR-LG4830 SR-LG4845 SR-LG-4860
System voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V AUTO
Rate charge current  30A 45A 60A
Rate load current
No load loss  12mA  25mA 
Charging circuit voltage drop  Less or equal to 0.5V 
Discharge circuit voltage drop  Less or equal to 0.5V 
Solar input voltage 140V 
Re-entrant boost charge mode voltage  13.2V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Over voltage protection  17.0V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
limited voltage for charging  15.5V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Equal charging voltage  Boost charge voltage +0.5V 
Equal charging interval  30days 
Direct charge voltage  14.4V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V  14.8V14.6V14.4V14.2V14.0V  
×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Float charge voltage  13.6V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V  13.8V13.6V13.4V13.2V13.0V 
×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Over discharge voltage  11.0V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V  12.0V11.8V11.5V11.0V10.5V  
×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Over discharge recover voltage  12.5V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V  13.5V13.0V12.8V12.5V12.2V  
×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Lower voltage indication  Over discharge voltage +0.5V 
Equal charging time  1H 
Boost voltage charging time  2H  1H-5H 
Temperature compensation  (-3.0mv//2V)
Light-control voltage  5V   ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V 
Light control delay  10min 
Controller over-temperature protection  >90 
Battery over-temperature protection  >55 
Working temperature  (-35 to +85)
Control method   PWM 
Time of lcd back- light auto shut down  30s 
Data auto transfer time  3S
Time of Led lattice closed  25S 
Dimension 140×90×25(mm) 
Weight 0.9kg 1.08kg 1.28kg
Temperature probe  1pc
Screwdriver. 1pc

Panel Figure:

LCD Display:

Operating mode:
LED Display   Mode 
Purely light-operated 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 1 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 2 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 3 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 4 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 5 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 6 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 7 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 8 hour 
Light-operated + time-controlled for 9 hour 
10  Light-operated + time-controlled for 10 hour 
11  Light-operated + time-controlled for 11 hour 
12  Light-operated + time-controlled for 12 hour 
13  Light-operated + time-controlled for 13 hour 
14  Light-operated + time-controlled for 14 hour 
15  Always on mode 

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